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Changing Organisations from the Inside Out


As a certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant Felicity Lerouge helps organisations improve their business using a neuroscience based programme Change Your Mind, Create New Results. This programme is based on the work of researcher and best-selling author, Dr Joe Dispenza. It will support you in creating empowering, lasting change within the individual employee, teams and organisations because it shows people how to effectively harness the power of their brain to create greater creativity, productivity and ultimately - improved business results.


Small Business

In today’s competitive market, small business owners face unprecedented struggles. With so many demands on people's attention, what will it take for your business to stand out from the crowd?

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The education sector is facing rapid changes in this daunting period. With many unknown factors, educational organisations must be prepared for swift, agile and efficient change.




If you'd like more information about the NeuroChangeSolutions programme book a call.


Corporate Clients

We know corporate clients are going through demanding changes today. If not managed properly, these changes can create stress, disengagement and lack of productivity within teams and individuals.



The healthcare industry has faced unparalleled challenges since 2019. With front line staff being exposed to constant physical and emotional stress, due to long hours and anxiety about COVID-19, they need to be properly equipped, psychologically, to prevent burn out and break down. 

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