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2021 - Quite A Ride!

2021 was quite a ride, wasn’t it? Despite of, and in fact, due to the many challenges I faced, I deeply rethought my life and business and am now looking forward to next year with more focus, a clearer vision and more passion than I’ve had for many years.

I had been working in Leadership development for over a decade. I loved my work and was good at what I did. My most recent focus had been on productive conflict, a much needed skill that is woefully neglected. I was good at it and, as most people would rather have stuck pins under their nails than have a difficult conversation, it seemed logical to make it my niche.

What makes sense to our heads is not always what will make us happy. Thankfully, early in 2021 I went through a deep life review process that made me realise that, however good I was at conflict management, that was not how I wanted to spend my heart beats every day. The nature of the work meant that it was very draining and I could see that, long term, it would really take its toll. So, where to focus next?

I find it fascinating that, when we release things that no longer serve us, we give life the opportunity to reveal something better to us.

In April, I had the privilege of being invited to apply to attend a Train the Trainer programme for Dr Joe Dispenza’s business consultancy, NeuroChangeSolutions. I was delighted when my application was accepted and headed off to Cancun to attend the programme in May.

The standard of the training was exceptional and challenging. There are many mediocre programmes in the market – this isn’t one of them. It stretched me in ways I wouldn’t have expected and though it was uncomfortable, I’m glad to have gone through the refiner’s fire and come out the other side as a better version of my former self. When I completed the pathway to license and achieved my accreditation as an NCS Consultant in November it was one of the proudest moments of my career.

Why I am so enthusiastic about the NeuroChangeSolutions programme, Change Your Mind, Create New Results, is that it is based on the latest neuroscience and enables people to create lasting change. Most change programmes appeal to the intellect, that rational, analytical mind, which makes sense but what most people don't appreciate is that the conscious mind only makes up around 5% of the mind. The other 95% - the sub-conscious mind – is the operating system, where beliefs, habits and skills reside. The sub-conscious mind runs the show. Unless we create change in the operating system, all too quickly our habits and behaviours revert to their default settings and we see very little lasting change.

People want to get rid of unhelpful habits and stop sabotaging their success but most of them doubt their own ability to change. When they begin to understand there's a formula for change you see them light up and they are motivated to take responsibility for their own development. This is an HR person’s dream come true, as HR often face resistance from employees being sent on training programmes; employees have previously found training irrelevant or ineffective and would rather not waste time being away from their busy schedule. Once teams start to apply the formula, they not only change as individuals but are active in co-creating great company culture.

Below is a testimonial from one of NeuroChangeSolutions’ many enthusiastic clients:

"100% of my team confirmed they have been able to apply what they learned in their work. I know (it) has been a factor in getting our team on track and focused to deliver against our vision and strategy. The facilitator's dedication to applying our real-life situation to the content was outstanding."

- Cisco EMEAR Sales Enablement Team, Manager, Operations

The feedback I’ve received from the people I’ve taken through the programme, so far, has been worth all the effort it took to achieve the accreditation. Months after completing the programme, the participants are still experiencing the ripple effect of the programme and continue to make the positive changes they want in their lives and businesses.

It’s great to be able to offer clients solutions that really work.

I can’t wait to take the programme to a wider audience and am especially excited that I will be the first NeuroChangeSolutioins Consultant in New Zealand, when I emigrate to Auckland at the end of February 2022.

I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my personal and business lives, to collaborate with new partners and continue to help clients recognise their unique brilliance and unfold into their full potential, as individuals and companies.

If you’d like to learn more about the NeuroChangeSoultions programme, drop me a line at:

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