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Burnout Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Burnout is a growing concern in the workplace. According to the latest Wellness Report from Employment Hero (2022), 53% of employees claim to experience work-related burnout. While many organisations prioritize employee well-being, the interventions being implemented are not proving to be effective. This is evident from the statistics, which show an upward trend in burnout cases.

While mindfulness and grit are important tools in dealing with burnout, they alone are not sufficient to combat the problem. Where do we look for the missing pieces of this puzzle?

The HeartMath Institute has been researching neuroscience and neurocardiology for over 25 years and has developed tools and technology that use the science of heart intelligence to create effective resilience. The Institute's approach has been peer-reviewed and is widely respected, particularly due to the measurable results it achieves with clients.

HeartMath has worked with organisations and individuals in some of the most stressful professions, such as the military, first responders, hospitals, health professionals, Olympic athletes, UN personnel, business leaders, and teams. By using HeartMath's simple and effective tools, employees can consistently maintain high performance even in the most challenging situations, and experience less burnout following a stressful period.

The results below illustrate the effectiveness of HeartMath’s interventions.


Employees were experiencing a time of immense change and anxiety about future job security.


  • Reduce staff tension and stress created by uncertainty and fast paced innovations

  • Enhance self-care, creativity, ease and resilience


Often/most of the time Pre Post (45 days)

Angry 18% 4%

Exhausted 31% 14%

Tired 46% 21%

Anxious 37% 9%

Rapid heartbeats 11% 4%

Depressed 15% 5%

Sleeplessness 24% 13%


What I thought was going to be a two hour break before a difficult project turned out to be one of the most useful classes that I have ever taken. Using the HeartMath techniques, I went back and successfully completed a difficult project which normally requires a half a day in just under an hour."

Systems Engineer

HeartMath has developed the Resilience Advantage© programme, which consists of 6 hours of active learning and practice. The program can be customized to fit an organization's schedule, and can be delivered in-house, at an external venue, or online. The programme can be conducted as a one-day workshop, or can be divided into multiple sessions. The program also includes two 30-minute group coaching calls, one week, and one month after the program, to help participants address any questions or challenges they may be experiencing.

HeartMath's technology, the Inner Balance© and emWave Pro© provides wearers with immediate feedback on their state of mental and physical coherence, allowing them to see their progress in real-time. The program is an effective tool for building resilience and promoting well-being for individuals and teams alike.

If you'd like more information about the Resilience Advantage© programme, book a call.

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