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Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint

Following on from last weeks post I'm offering three areas of focus that will help you prepare for what will be a marathon, not a sprint, as we continue to face the COVID -19 pandemic.

1) Are you in denial? Observing people's behaviour and posting on social media, this week, there still seems to be a percentage of people who aren't really acknowledging the seriousness of the situation - and if they don't, they will be more badly effected than people who adapt more quickly. Give yourself a reality check: look at the facts about COVID 19 on the World Health Authority's website and adjust your self-isolation according. It takes more than anti-bacterial gel to combat the virus.

2) Are you prepared for this to be a marathon, not a sprint. If this situation was to continue for the next six months, are you 'fit' enough to complete the race, If not, start to look at the things you can do to increase your resilience for your health, your relationship and, if it applies, your livelihood.

3) If I needed to reinvent myself (new life style, new career etc) what could I do? What would I want to do?

Once again, I'm offering the workbook Resilience in Crisis, free, if you email me at Have a resourceful week, Felicity.

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