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Our daily lives are becoming more and more stressful, with mental health challenges on the increase. We know we need to develop skills which enable us to bounce back more quickly but often don’t know where to start.

Imagine if your resilience capacity was so well developed that daily experiences like conflicts with team members, heavy workload or stressful deadlines weren’t able to knock you off your game. You would be ready to meet life’s challenges, with greater ease and flow through your day like a surfer riding a wave, instead of a feeling like you’ve done ten rounds in a boxing ring.


You can learn how to do this.


What the programme teaches:

  • The science of heart-brain coherence and it’s benefits

  • Through its EmWave Pro technology participants see their own heart rate variability and are able to understand the effects of being coherent or incoherent on their adaptability, productivity, relationships and wellbeing

  • Quick, accessible, effective tools to increase, maintain and develop heart brain coherence which greatly increases the capacity for resilience

The benefits of the programme:

  • The ability to bounce back quicker

  • Develop a greater resilience capacity to meet adversity

  • Greater ability to maintain your composure and stay in charge of your emotions and actions

  • Learn energy management skills

  • Greater energy reserves you can use when you need them most

  • Greater sense of poise, balance and calm


This programme is generating great results for business leaders and teams, health care personnel, first responders and teachers, amongst others. If you’d like more information, click on the button below.

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