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Conflict Prevention, Management & Resolution

"In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity."

- Albert Einstein

The cost of ignoring conflict in the workplace

According to recent figures, employees in the workplace waste an average

of 2.1 hours per week (109.2 hours pa) on conflict 

Based on this figure, the cost of workplace conflict to a business with 100 employees on an average salary of £25,000 is £150,000 pa

Other costs include:

  • Disengaged teams and low morale

  • Health costs due to stress

  • Management resources - time and focus

  • HR resources

  • Relationship/reputation with customers

  • Loss of skilled employees

  • Theft, damage and sabotage

So, why are unhealthy dynamics allowed to escalate to this

before they are addressed?

The cost of ignoring conflict in a workplace
The cost of ignoring conflict in a workplace 2

To quote a senior client:

“I hoped it would go away; in the end I wasted a tremendous amount of time having to sort out the problem. Once I looked into it, properly, I found the two people involved were recruiting team members to take their side and hours were being wasted in gossip or avoiding the drama. We didn’t lose any customers, in the end, but it impacted some of them and our reputation suffered. I hated that.”

Many people are uncomfortable at the thought of conflict and don't have the skill set or confidence to handle challenging communication effectively or elegantly. Those that don't shy away from conflict often charge in, guns blazing, damaging moral and undermining trust. Many leaders haven't had management training, let alone the high level training and coaching which prepares them to engage in challenging communication effectively.

At Phenomenal People, we champion mastering the art of handling difficult conversations effectively, with gravitas and poise. We will up skill your leaders and teams, through consulting, workshops, online programmes and coaching, so that they they are confident and skilled when engaging in challenging communication.


Our training and coaching will enable them to approach difficult conversations effectively to:

  • improve communication

  • clear up misunderstandings

  • repair relationships re-engage individuals and teams

  • create an empowering workplace culture

  • increase productivity

  • reduce business costs, both financially and resources


If you'd like more information about upskilling your leaders and teams in these areas, book a call.


If the conflict in your workplace has escalated significantly, we can recommend mediation experts who will support you to reach a quick and effective resolution, without the cost and time investment of going to court. As mediation is a collaborative process, it results in an 89% success rate in resolving conflict.

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