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Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

- Brene Brown

At Phenomenal People we strongly believe that in order to create great culture it's important that we work together to find solutions - and we know that sometimes, before we can collaborate whole-heartedly, we need to take time to look at our blindspots in a safe, empowering space. For this reason, we have created The Wisdom Woman Project for current and aspiring female leaders.  

The Wisdom Woman Project provides the space for women to do deep work within a safe environment so that they can truly embody the characteristics, mind and heart set that we need from our world's leaders.


It's not a place for blaming, making excuses or complaining about what isn't fair - about yourselves, the system or society. It's a place to be honest, raw and real - because that's where the real transformation occurs. The transformation that empowers you to be the leader you desire to be at your core. The kind of leader who is at cause, not effect, who is calm in the eye of the tornado, who demonstrates the calibre of leadership that brings about the change you want to see in the world.

This is not a surface intervention and it's not for the faint-hearted; it will require courage and commitment but as you know, Wisdom Woman, that's the kind of leadership we desperately need.


Courageous Heart, Empowered Mind is a Wisdom Woman Project initiative. It is a method based intervention which enables women leaders to address the areas that are holding them back from achieving their potential, embodying their unique leadership style and being effective, respected and fulfilled.

This live online programme comprises eight sessions, delivering content and coaching, running over a four week period. All sessions are recorded, allowing participants to go back over the content for a deeper immersion. Access to the recordings and membership to our online community are available to participants for six months.

If you would be interested in more details about this programme, please contact us for details.

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