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Workplace Culture

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner."

- Peter Drucker

Engaged employees in an empowering culture achieve twice the innovation, double the customer satisfaction and 25% higher profits.” *


Great company culture is self perpetuating, continuing to deliver outstanding results, despite changes of employees or leadership. 


Built on the foundation of a meaningful vision and purpose, with strong values and passion for delivering value to its customers, it stays relevant and effective, despite the changing market.


We support you to create, or fine tune, your vision and purpose, built on values that are meaningful to your teams and clients, so that your culture attracts enthusiastic employees, who want to work with you, and loyal customers, who want to spend their money with you.

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If you are passionate about your business and prepared to invest in your people, enabling them to demonstrate the true value you bring to your customers,  we can help.


Not finance, not strategy, not technology. It’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it’s so powerful and so rare."

- Patrick Lencioni

The cost of poor team performance

Sadly, the experience of poor team performance is something we've all encountered. An ineffective team doesn't work well together, is more focused on personal success, so doesn't share information, which undermines the productivity and results that could be achieved if everyone was working together and supporting each other. At its worst a poor team becomes dysfunctional with no trust between colleagues, petty dramas erupt into full blown conflict, which is a huge drain on the company’ time and resources as managers have to focus their attention on performance management, instead of strategic goals. Employees feel demoralised and demotivated - which ultimately effects the customers and therefore impacts revenue.

Team performance

You can have exceptional teams - the cost is long term commitment to developing their excellence

In order to support you in creating healthy, high functioning teams, we look at individual performance, your workplace culture and the influence of your leadership. We will support you in uncovering blindspots and identifying the areas that need to be addressed, using a blend of mentoring, workshops, facilitating productive conflict and coaching, supplemented with resources to support ongoing development.

As with developing strong workplace culture, there are no quick fixes. We offer you effective strategies, resources and support to re-engage your employees, increase motivation and commitment to their roles, their teams and the success of the organisation. If you would like to discuss your organisational needs, book a call.

"Felicity worked with our team for 18 months, acting as our team coach. She instantly built a strong rapport with each of us and worked with our whole team (a team of 12) individually and respectfully. She spent time and effort in learning and understanding each of our needs and built techniques and strategies around these to help us all develop emotionally and professionally within the office. Felicity has been the lead commander in helping us as a team embrace positive conflict and change the culture in the office to one of a healthier functioning group. I thoroughly enjoy the work and time I have with Felicity and always find the comments and suggestions she gives me insightful, encouraging and developmental. I would thoroughly recommend Felicity's services to your team and/or workplace and am confident that she could help bring teams together and to help each staff member grow individually within their role." 


Rachel McLinn, Head of Membership

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